Closing the CosmeticsCoCreation contest

Thursday 21 October – 13 :00 – 13 :45

To anounce the winner of the CosmeticsCoCreation contest, the experts of the agencies centdegres and Firstgen along with the collaborative cosmetic lab CO-LAB-ORA will gather with the three contesters to come back on each step of this contest. Influencers and experts will discuss their experience, feelings, and impressions of this first edition of the CosmeticsCoCreation.

Aurélie Banco

Founder of the collaborative cosmetic lab CO-LAB-ORA

Aurélie BANCO has 15 years of expertise as formulator for cosmetic formulation laboratories of major brands and subcontractors. With an MBA in Innovation Project Management, she founded in 2020, Co-Lab-Ora, a collaborative cosmetic laboratory dedicated to natural & ethical makeup. Her ambition is to support cosmetic brands in designing their makeup products from natural, ethical and sourced raw materials, in small batches, and using innovative and disruptive methods to obtain the product relevant to its user community.


Elie Papiernik

CEO of Centdegres

Former student of the Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Création Industrielle (National superior School for Industrial Design), Elie Papiernik is the design director of centdegrés, the international brand intelligence, design & architecture firm that he co-founded in Paris in 1988 with his friend David Nitlich.
The idea of centdegres was born in China, and both entrepreneurs have shared this passion and love for China for 33 years now, building a very important, well recognized team in several cities in the country. They have been developing major branding projects for major Chinese groups, Chinese edgy start ups as well as for western companies willing to develop their brands in the hearts of a new, very demanding Chinese consumer group.
Passionate about entrepreneurship, brand transformation, ground-breaking innovation and collective intelligence, Elie Papiernik regularly participates in conversations on subjects including the future of consumer experience, playful luxury, desirable sustainability and multi-sensorial storytelling for large groups and in major international shows.

Joseph Repain

CEO of Firstgen

Joseph Repain is the co-founder and creative director of Firstgen, a digital brand studio of which the mission is to launch and grow digital brands. After having worked in investments and strategy counsel funds in New York, he now accompanies big luxury and beauty houses, local communities, celebrities, and entrepreneurs in launching and growing digitally. Joseph Repain has a diploma from ESSEC and Ecole du Louvre.