IT PRODUCTS MakeUp in Paris 2021: drivers and obstacles to innovation in make-up & skincare

Thursday 21 October – 15 :00 – 15 :45

Innovation is the grail of each brand and supplier.

Beyond awards and successes are specific and complex roads to take or to invent. How to find a new idea? How to make it relevant? How to convince decision makers to invest in it? How to involve stake holders around the project and to motivate them, and in which extend CSR can accelerate or stop innovation projects? Three contributors of IT PRODUCTS contest and Charlotte MARION, acknowledged expert in cosmetics and Innovation as animator, accepted to sincerely share their own real-life experiences.

Charlotte Marion

Charlotte MARION has a 100% cosmetic career ! As a supplier (INTERCOS) and within famous cosmetic brands (YVES ROCHER, DIOR and CHANEL), she developed a deep sens of product and a substantive expertise about products and innovation, in all their technical or human various dimensions.

Today, with her energy, creativity and vision, she proposes to managers to escort their projects or teams for innovation’s sake, or to highlight all their underexploited talents, ideas, DNA, or expertises… She is also requested to teach to students or teams how to implement innovative projects with Meaning and Eagerness.