Polycentric Impact: Catering to Cultural Diversity

Thursday 21 October – 11 :30 – 12 :15

The necessity for cultural diversity within the beauty industry is being increasingly driven by the relentless consumer demand for products which cater to multicultural needs across all categories. By 2025, Western countries (USA, Canada, Western Europe) will represent less than 40% of the global GDP bringing about stark implications for all sectors in the industry including Hair (Care, Color, Styling), Skin Care, and Color Cosmetics. Over the last decade BEAUTYSTREAMS’ team of experts have developed specific tools and detailed content to understand the intricacies of this key topic and guide our members into meeting the ever-evolving needs of the developing global market. Join BEAUTYSTREAMS to unearth the latest insights and visions concerning the polycentric impact that accompanies cultural diversity. Explore the macro movements fueling new developments within the field, discover carefully-curated beauty category forecasts, as well as expert analyses of the current industry trends.


  • 2021-2026 Macro Movements Meeting the Needs of Cultural Diversity
  • 2021-2024 Hair and Color Cosmetics Chromatic Territories – Focusing on Skin Tone and Hair Diversity
  • Autumn/Winter 2022-23 Seasonal Story Forecast
  • Current Skin Care, Hair (Care, Color, Styling), and Color Cosmetics trends – Focusing on Catering to Multicultural Consumer Demands

Sandrine Perraud

Global Executive Director at BEAUTYSTREAMS

Sandrine is the Global Executive Director at BEAUTYSTREAMS, in charge of the Bespoke Division, advising beauty companies around the world. Having spent her two-decades career in innovative thinking, she held international marketing positions within the Fragrance industry at Firmenich and Mane before joining the Estee Lauder Companies as Corporate Innovation Director. Sandrine is an enthusiastic creative professional with a passion for all things fragrance and beauty.