MakeUp in Paris offers 3 influencers to take up a challenge: create with exhibitors attending the show a skin care or make-up collection in 2 days!

This challenge will be organized and animated live on the show by the creative and brand intelligence teams of Centdegrés and Firstgen.

Three influencers @laralourencoff, @inesnlx  and @angeliemrc are in the starting blocks, they will be coached and guided by Aurélie Banco, cosmetics formulator and creator of the Co-Lab-Ora laboratory. Brand creation experts from the Centdegrés agency as well as communication and influence professionals from Firstgen will be at their side throughout the experience to give life to their project.

Discover the influencers' projects

Live Creation

CosmeticCoCreation is a participative experience where candidates will have to use strategy and creativity to develop a collection through collaborative prototyping workshops.

During the two days of the show, the influencers will work with Centdegres to create the concept of their collection, from the logo to the packaging, without forgetting the strategic thinking, Centdegres will guide them until their realization.
Firstgen, the influence and digital marketing studio will work with the recruited influencers to design and implement their communication campaign.

In a co-creative approach, the different teams will be able to test several formulas created from ingredients sourced as close as possible to the demands of each influencer. It is then the formulator’s art to transpose these conceptual specifications into technical specifications and to make the formulas evolve gradually until the ideal product is achieved in terms of sensoriality and effectiveness.
In addition, the influencers will be able to customize their primary and secondary packaging among several versions previously developed with the partner exhibitors.

Through three workshops, Aurélie Banco will present and analyze the different raw materials used to create qualitative cosmetic products while respecting the influencers’ expectations. The sourcing of products will have been done beforehand with our exhibitor partners.

Live sharing 

Live from CosmeticCoCreation booth, the 3 influencers will share the progress of their projects with their communities.

Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 in the morning, the work of the influencers will be submitted to a vote, on the social networks of the show and in the aisles of the show with the help of tablets available to visitors.

The winner’s achievement

The winning influencer will win all the rights to use the creations made by Centdegrés and Firstgen, as well as two coaching sessions with the two agencies to coach them until the launch of the collection as well as a professional press interview and an invitation to the next MakeUp in Paris 2022.

Presentation of the influencers and projects


 Influencer: @laralourencoff

Lara Lourenço is a 19 year old French-Portuguese woman. She is in BTS international trade when her mother registers her for the Miss Ile-de-France contest after she was spotted in a luxury store. Lara is aware of her registration only a short time before the contest. She takes her chance and win with flying colors.

Product category: skincare cruelty free and eco-friendly

Product type: tinted skincare 



Influencer: @inesnlx

Ines is a student in international law, committed to women’s rights and the environment, she does not hesitate to speak out when a subject is important to her. She is passionate about fashion and has created her own style between timeless classic and street casual. Her ambition, her passions and her generosity have allowed her to find a community on the networks that is just as generous and passionate as she is.

Product category: eye care, cruelty free and eco-friendly

Type of product : Waterproof Eyeliner


Influencer:  @angeliemrc

Angélie Mercier is a 20 year old Nigerian girl. Adopted at 9 months old, she grew up near Lille in the north of France. She is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in E-commerce and is passionate about reading, music and fashion. She has created a beautiful community on social networks with which she shares her daily life, her travels and her laughs. More and more active on social networks, Angélie is also studying for a Master in Business School.

Product category: skincare clean beauty

Type of product: Face Skincare 


Presentation of the partners


Centdegrés : Centdegres is an international creative group with more than 100 talents around the world.
For over 30 years, they have been shaking up the status quo with their creativity, helping their clients win their battles, build their desirability and make their mark.
They offer a wide range of services to create a brand from A to Z in one place.
They create visual identities, design packaging and products and create sales spaces.



Firstgen : Firstgen is a Digital Brand Studio that helps brands to develop digitally, in particular by collaborating with influencers via product co-creation operations. Firstgen has an incubator activity that co-creates its own brands with influencers by developing them from A to Z, from product to marketing.
Firstgen then has an agency activity that accompanies beauty and skincare brands in their influencer collections and their digital strategy.


Aurélie Banco and Co-lab-ora : Knowing how to determine a recipe with the right ingredients, in the right quantities is an art and this art is called formulation. Aurélie BANCO, with 15 years of EXPERTISE in cosmetic formulation laboratories of major brands and in subcontracting, founded Co-Lab-Ora. Experts in cosmetic formulation, we develop your make-up product projects: powder blushes with subtle shades, melting foundation textures, intensely colored lipsticks, long-lasting mascaras, sparkling blushes… Co-Lab-Ora offers collaborative workshops of personalized prototyping.


A world-class leader in the design, development and manufacture of primary packaging containers for the colour cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and toiletry industries. With ten manufacturing locations in Asia, North America and Europe, HCP offer a cutting-edge global manufacturing synergy for international brands. HCP’s extensive portfolio includes compacts, palettes and kits, lipstick, mascara (moulded & fibre brushes), eyeliner, lip gloss, brow packaging, pots & jars, tottles, bottles and other closures.


At MS BEAUTiLAB we’ve set higher standards in the beauty business. Based on three different production sites (France, Switzerland and Czech Republic), we provide Made in France, Made in Switzerland and Made in Europe. If you have a Make-up or Skincare beauty project, we will conceive, develop and produce the best high-performance and sustainable cosmetic solutions tailored to your vision. Driven by innovation, we turn your ideas and inspirations into pioneering products. We offer customized beauty services with unparalleled quality and the fastest time to market.


MakeUp in Paris: Join MakeUp in Paris, the BtoB event where to find your next beauty inspiration. MakeUp in™ is a world of its own within the skincare and makeup industries. Suppliers, brands and trend setters come together to co-create and give life to new lines and products.
Skincare and Makeup products are the core of the show! MakeUp in Paris is gathering every year for more than 10 years the key actors of the skincare and make-up industries from all over the world around beauty innovation and trends in a professional and friendly atmosphere in the heart of Paris in the mythical Carrousel du Louvre.