Annie Begnaud

Annie is a Global Business Development Strategist, whose mission is to be a business gas pedal for the companies she supports, whether they are manufacturers, brands or start-ups.

As both a consultant and a developer, she works on positioning, growth and innovation issues. With experience gained in companies, in business unit management, marketing and business development, her contributions are both strategic and operational, anchored in the reality of markets and businesses.

With a creative, curious and multidisciplinary mind, she is on the lookout for social movements as well as new practices, and has a forward-looking vision of the Beauty and Luxury markets that she puts at the service of her clients.

In the world of packaging and sampling, she brings her knowledge of new technologies – digital, artificial intelligence, blockchain – to modernize and reinforce the marketing performance of campaigns and innovations, to accelerate and facilitate the transparency of brands.

Annie is a member of the WEG Board of Directors, in charge of Beauty and Beauty Tech start-ups.